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Our mission

To help the building and construction industry successfully understand and implement trust accounts.

We’re here to reduce the stress and burden of legislation, provide guidance and support your business through change. 

We want to help you become compliant and improve how you get things done.

Our vision

A fair and sustainable building and construction industry. 

We see the future of our industry as one that has the foundations of trust, resilience and sustainability at its core. 

We see an industry that thrives on reliable payment practices, fewer disputes and insolvencies and a healthier workplace culture. 


our values

Building trust

We trust that you want to uphold your company’s reputation, do the right thing and be compliant.

You trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to give direct, honest feedback and advice on where your business is and is not compliant, and give you clear instructions and ongoing support so you can get back to running your business.

Building resilience

We’re here to help you build a sustainable business that is fully compliant and resilient to industry pressures and the increasing regulatory burden.


We will build your knowledge and understanding of the requirements, streamline your systems and processes and increase your staffs capability so that you can focus on what matters and get back to running your business.

Empowering industry


We understand just how complex and confusing trust account requirements are. We’re here to simplify the process and connect your team with resources to improve efficiency and help you stay compliant every step of the way.


Our advice and guidance comes from experienced people that care. We tailor our solutions to suit your team’s capacity and future scope.

Our clients

We want to work with the best, and that’s where we started. 

We reached out to [Building Trusts] to help guide us on the requirements for the Project & Retention Trust Account Framework. 

Laura was fantastic to work with, from concept right through to delivery of the requirements, and we continue to liaise with her to clarify specific items.

She proved to have an immense working knowledge of the framework and was able to present common workflows in a way everyone could understand from product managers right through to software developers.

MYOB looks forward to releasing our solution to market with the confidence it has been guided by Laura. 

See more at this webinar session, run as an open discussion with Laura and MYOB’s Senior Product Manager, Bruce Minty.

We engaged Laura to provide the members of or firm with training on the Project and Retention Trust Account requirements.


The training Laura provided to our team was practical and informative.


It gave us the confidence and the resources to be able to advise our clients in relation what they will need to do to ensure they comply with the legislation.

Laura presented for one of the Institute of Public Accountant’s CPD events. 


The presentation on the QLD Building Industry Trust Accounts was an excellent educational session


Laura was extremely informative and provided important information to our Member’s with key material on how to assist their clients. 

Laura and Building Trusts are our go to experts when it comes to Queensland trust account requirements. They take complex government requirements and make them simple and easy for us to understand. 


We partnered with Building Trusts to deliver training to our customers that was informative and professional


We would not hesitate to use Laura and Building Trusts again. 


Laura was an integral part of the policy and project teams at the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) for 6 years, managing the implementation of new legislation under the Queensland Building Plan.

Laura has helped the QBCC and the Queensland construction industry prepare for the rollout of several major reforms including the broad range of new Security of Payment Laws and new Trust account framework. 


Her primary role has been to interpret complex legislative requirements to identify system and process changes that need to be implemented by the QBCC and private industry. 


Her expertise includes project management, creation of detailed guides and online tools, hosting staff and industry training sessions across the state, and testing system changes to ensure compliance with the legislation. 


Laura is an amazing listener, who’s passionate about our industry and ensuring businesses understand how to prepare for and be compliant with trust accounts.

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