Accountants and auditors

As an accountant, you need to feel confident you’re providing the best advice you can to building industry clients. Depending on the size and capacity of your clients, you may also be engaged to assist with administering a trust.

For auditors, your priority is understanding the detailed rules and requirements of the legislation when reviewing a trust account. You’ll also need to understand your obligations around timeframes and reporting of non-compliance.

How we can help

Building Trusts has a suite of resources and support designed specifically to meet your client’s financial obligations and audits.

Our services can be scaled to hourly, weekly or monthly depending on your business needs and how much and what type of support you require.

Get the knowledge you need to effectively support your clients administration, documentation and auditing of trust accounts and retention trusts. Training can be delivered face to face or online through general overview sessions, deep dive workshops and segmented training at your own pace.

Guides, factsheets, articles, examples and templates to share with your clients to help embed the processes that ensure long-term compliance and successful audits.

Once off or ongoing access to a trust account expert to assist with complex enquiries and unique financial scenarios you might encounter.

Have a trust account expert co-present at your next workshop or event to provide the information and answers you need to plan your next steps.

Where should we start?

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